what's shakin

what's shakin'

Beer? the headliner is Rosewood Red, from Akron’s Thirsty Dog Brewery and our playlist also includes 25 beers by the bottle, with everything from Rogue Dead Guy Ale to Samuel Smith Organic Lager.

Wine? our list features 75 wines, 25 of them by the glass – something for every palate at every price, including several at just $5 a glass! At these prices, you can enjoy your favorites - and try something new.

Cocktails? praise the soul of cocktail making - an art form that creates liquid beauty. We mix the best small-batch spirits, fresh ingredients and house-made syrups. Rosewood creations will change your palate forever and leave you wanting more.
what's shakin
Hudson: 330-656-2100
Strongsville: 440-783-5500
Westlake: 440-835-9500
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